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Cast iron canteen

Eating our feelings


When chaos hits, chaos ensues. Nothing we do can really prepare us for it. I generally like a certain amount of chaos in my life but not this kind. I’ve barely wanted to cook, or I’ve wanted to overeat comfort.

I’m still in the process of finding the right voice and balance of personal information for this blog. But I know that I definitely don’t want a blog that ignores what’s going on in my life, a blog that keeps an eye only on the positive while negatives overwhelm. I am a person, not a magazine, after all. Chalk it up to being a writer but I respect and value truth, even when it’s as painful as this. [click to continue…]

In lieu of an update…

Wednesday would have normally been my update night, but since I lost an hour (and all my energy) in shoveling more than a foot of snow, so here’s an instagram shot from yesterday instead.  While you’re there, why don’t you follow me as well?


New #supertasty recipes to be posted this weekend! Stay tuned.