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Cast iron canteen

Coffee biscotti milkshake

Subtitle: “or why milkshakes make me cry”


When I lived in Russia off and on from 2005-2009, I looked forward to glimmers of light in between long stretches in the former USSR. One of those glimmers of light was traveling to London, which I did every chance I got. I don’t have the space to go into what’s going on politically in Russia right now, I’m glad to be home, glad my loved ones are safe and hope for an end to the increasingly maddening situation there. [click to continue…]

Lemon blueberry oatmeal smoothie


As things settle back to normal here (normal being a relative term), I am doing my best to both i) remember why I started this blog (I was eating out too much) and ii) fulfill my mission to create wholesome country recipes mixed with an “urban flair” (I’m still figuring out what that means exactly).

Up to this point, there hasn’t been much “urban” going on besides me getting tired of walking to the grocery store 4 times a week to buy ingredients. And I came to my first major realization about what makes something “urban friendly”… [click to continue…]