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Cast iron canteen

Turkey, apple, brie panini

Turkey apple brie panini-5

Here’s a secret about this panini–it’s so good, I’m willing to roast a turkey breast for three hours in order to have leftovers to make it! Long relegated to the season of post-Thanksgiving, this panini is delightful year-round. When I worked in the cafe, we used to make them with deli meat, which would save you three hours in roasting the turkey, assuming you don’t have leftovers on hand. It’s where I originally fell in love with this sandwich. [click to continue…]

Meatless mushroom swiss burgers

Meatless mushroom swiss burger

A lot of times I decide what to make based on what I have in the fridge and the pantry.  This week I found myself with too many mushrooms, so in scratching my head about what to do with them, I opted for burgers.  These turned out way better than expected, and I’m so happy to be able to share the recipe! [click to continue…]