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Cast iron canteen

Slow cooker smoky truffle cheeseburger dip

Smoky truffle cheeseburger dip-1

I love Velveeta, but I feel really guilty eating it. Part of the reason is that it has a lot of modified ingredients, it certainly isn’t “clean.” That’s not the deal breaker though. I can justify almost anything on an occasional basis, even if I shouldn’t. But on top of the processed-ness, it is nearly $10 in Toronto for 500 grams (one pound). Seriously? You can buy real cheese for less than half that. No, you won’t get a full pound, but you’ll get a lot more flavor. [click to continue…]

Chipotle corn and black bean guacamole


What is better than guacamole on a hot summer evening?

This chipotle corn and black bean guacamole.

I don’t know about you, but when I make guacamole it is usually my meal. Not the best of habits since it’s hardly balanced, unless you’re using vegetables to dip in your guacamole (but I wholly admit that I am not). [click to continue…]